Nest Migration

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Nest Migration

Nest Migration is a timer for the popular game PokemonGo, it counts down the time for when the in game Pokemon nests migrate (this is when the nest Pokemon spawns all change)

The site also includes a timer for the PokemonGo events, it counts down to when the event starts and then counts down to the end of the event.

A twitter bot is included which players can follow and it tweets alerts for when the nest will migrate or the event will end, alerts are tweeted when the time left is: 1 week, 3 days, 2 days, 12 hours etc...

Everything is done automatically on a CRON job - tweets are sent and the timers are reset when required.

The only manual input is when a new event is announced and the start and end time are entered into the database.

There is on average 20k sessions per month according to analytics, the sessions and twitter followers are growing each month.

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Nest Migration