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Mike Recommends

Amazon Alexa Skill for recommending movies, books, TV shows, games and even bands based on one that you love.

Watching a good TV show or movie is great but once it ends your left looking for something else to replace it, when searching for some new shows to watch online I came across the TasteKid website which recommends shows based on what the community has also liked. I thought it would be cool to implement TasteKid's API in a skill for Alexa.

Mike Recommends allows you to ask for a suggestion based on something you have loved, it can be a TV show, movie, book, game or even a band.

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More Information:

This was my entry to the Alexa Mashup API competition and before starting this I had never worked on an Alexa skill but had always wanted to.

Languages Used: JavaScript

Time Spent: Approx 3 hours

Alexa Schema