Hoosk Property Management

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Hoosk Property Management

Using Hoosk CMS as a base system this fork is a website and property management system which allows sending properties to Rightmoves ADF.

The default theme is using a basic bootstrap template which allows for easy customisation.

View the system on github or check the online demo

Hoosk Property Management

More Information:

I built this as a way of learning how to use Rightmoves ADF API and integrate this into the CodeIgniter system for another upcoming project, I have recently had the time to tidy it up and release for any others to use.

The ADF allows users to send, update and remove properties in real time, when they click save on their properties details the changes are sent straight through to Rightmove and are updated right away.

This is much better than the older BLM format which meant sending a full feed whenever anything changed.

One of the main hurdles with the Rightmove ADF is ensuring the user is entering the property details in the correct format and only filling in the relevant fields.

To do so I have split up the new property form into a few sections such a lettings, student property, address details etc

I have used AJAX to check the agent reference hasn't already been used. The JavaScript function is called when the user leaves the input box and displays a message if the reference needs changed.

The standard CodeIgniter form validation handles the rest of the form.

Languages used: JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, HTML, CSS

Frameworks Used: CodeIgniter, Bootstrap

Time Spent: Approx 5 days

Rightmove Send Property Ajax Response